YouTube Live: Discover How to do a Live in 9 Steps

YouTube Live

If you are looking for new options to increase your business’s audience, Youtube live video can be a great idea. All that you’ll need to do is create a YouTube account, meet with your creative team, and generate ideas that emerge from your company’s identity.

People are more and more interested in training through dynamic resources. They like innovation, creativity, and, above all, the interaction they can have with communication channels. They want to give their opinion and meet more people with the same tastes and belong to the same environment. 

So if what you want is to know how you can get more users to interact with your brand and become consumers, then we recommend YouTube Live.

Here you will learn what is important about this strategy and how to implement it to benefit your brand. 


What is YouTube Live? 

YouTube Live is a simple way to interact with different users in real-time from the famous YouTube platform. The content can vary between topics such as lofi music, video games, testimonials, tutorials, and more. There are different ways to make a live video on YouTube: 

  • Simple Version –  Perfect for beginners or if you want to get started live streaming quickly. You can use a webcam from a laptop, a desktop computer, or a mobile device in this option. But for you to have this function enabled from the YouTube application, you must have at least 1000 subscribers. 
  • Custom version: requires more experience due to the use of encoders. These are the ones that allow you to capture the content from a computer or mobile device to send it in the form of transmission to YouTube. 


Advantages of using YouTube Live

YouTube has become an excellent ally for brands, as it offers comprehensive coverage to show their products or services. Look at the most important advantages of doing a YouTube Live: 

It is trendy youtube has an audience of more than 1.9 billion monthly users, with one billion hours of video content viewed per day. Yes, it sounds incredible, so if you want someone to see your content, this is the medium for you. 

It is effortless to use 

If you are not an expert in video platforms, don’t worry, since YouTube has a very intuitive system. You will make YouTube live video in a few steps, which you will see later.

Supports a wide variety of content

YouTube is very diverse and is the home for all kinds of people with different tastes. This is excellent news because you will have no problems doing whatever content you want to transmit. We know that it goes without saying, but explicit content is the only one prohibited on this platform. 

Build more trust in users 

Today, trust is the key to a good relationship between people and brands. Direct content shows a more human side of companies; users can see who they are, what information they have to give them, what their products are like, and what they offer. Showing your visitors in detail what you propose will help you establish a close relationship with them.

Now that you know the advantages of doing YouTube Live, we will teach you how to do it most efficiently. 

How to make a live on YouTube: 9 steps

  1. Create your brand account on YouTube
  2. Customize your account profile
  3. Enter YouTube Studio
  4. Select the option «Broadcast live.»
  5. Enter your live broadcast details
  6. Verify that the data is correct
  7. Live broadcast begins
  8. Share the broadcast on social networks.
  9. End the live broadcast

In just nine steps, you will create your live videos for one of the most visited multimedia platforms:

Create your brand account on YouTube 

Registering your brand’s channel on YouTube allows you to upload all the content you will make and interact with users. One of the significant advantages of this medium is that people can see the videos you upload without being subscribed to your channel. 

The account can be created directly with your company email, and all you have to do is choose a secure password and log in. 

Customize your account profile

Once the session is started, you will need to personalize your channel based on the company’s identity. By clicking on the section on the right called “Customize channel,” you can change both the profile photo and the cover photo (as it appears in the images), as well as the settings for returning subscribers or for new visitors. 

Please don’t put off customizing your channel for later, as it will be the first impression your visitors will have. If you want them to subscribe to keep viewing your content, you better give them a good look at who exactly you are and what you offer them.

Enter YouTube Studio 

To start creating your own YouTube Live, the first thing you should do is go to the YouTube Studio section. This option will redirect you to another window to find various options that you can implement for your channels like video editing and moree. 

Important: when you first open an account, YouTube will ask you for verification either by a phone call or a text message to send you a code that you must enter when prompted. After this, you will have to wait 24 hours to activate the direct videos. 

Select the option «Broadcast live»

This broadcast option can be found in the upper right part of your channel. Quickly identify it by its video camera icon with a “+” sign in the middle. By clicking on it, select the “Broadcast Live” option.


Enter the details of the YouTube live broadcast 

Before starting the transmission, YouTube will ask for some information, such as title, privacy, or if you want to schedule it for later. This will depend on the event or idea you want to share. 

We will mention each option’s functions so that you can better understand everything you can do for your transmission. 

More options: open a list where you can add the transmission description; This helps visitors learn more about your content. Below you can choose the category to which your video belongs, for example, music, cinema, pets, sports, travel, among others. You can also indicate the type of camera used, the sound and go to more advanced settings to enable a chat for your visitors, restrict ages, or if it will contain any paid advertising. 

When you have included all the data, click “Next.” We recommend doing a few tests first until you are satisfied with the result. Don’t forget to change the setting to “Private” before starting the final Youtube live video. 

Verify that the data is correct

In this new window, you can check that the title and description are well written, that the privacy settings are the ones you indicated initially, and that the category is correct. Also, YouTube shows you a preview (in the picture) of what the broadcast will look like. When you are sure of all the data, click on “Go Live.” 

Start the YouTube live broadcast. 

Congratulations! Now you have started broadcasting Youtube live. This can play as long as you need it. It is only crucial that you continuously monitor to prevent the camera from shaking or blurring. 

Share the broadcast on social networks. 

Don’t let any of your followers miss the live broadcast. You can share it on different social networks by clicking on the arrow icon next to the microphone. Other options will appear to broadcast the video. 

End the live broadcast

Once you are done with your content (event, conference, webinar, etc.), end the broadcast very quickly. Just click on “End transmission.” A window will appear with the legend, “Are you sure you want to end your transmission?”. If it was a mistake and still have more content, click “Not yet”; otherwise, under “End.” 


Now that you’re ready to include YouTube Live in your video marketing strategy, let’s look at some inspiring examples of brands already using streaming successfully. 


Five examples of brands that stream with YouTube Live

Evercoach This academy specializes in preparing business coaches and uses YouTube Live to provide its users with the necessary tools to build their coaching business and increase their clients’ positive impact. Their success has been so much that they have exceeded 50,000 views, proving that streaming is an infallible tool for the business world.

  1. JT Foxx

The American entrepreneur and coach, an expert in the business world, uses live content to show his talks to people about life and business. Its mission is to promote the success of its clients. 

  1. Coachella 

One of the most relevant of festivals in the entire world ventured into streaming with the aim that its followers enjoy real-time all the artists who perform during two weekends. YouTube has had the exclusive transmission for several years now, allowing thousands of users to feel like part of this musical celebration.

  1. Fortnite

The famous video game developed by the Epic Games brand has had a significant presence in YouTube streaming. Its long-awaited annual Fortnite World Cup event is broadcast live on the platform and has more than 1 million views. 

  1. ESPN

The television channel also decided to make use of the new online marketing strategies by joining YouTube. ESPN increases its audience through the YouTube live broadcast of different football or basketball games. Views have reached over 5 million!


Are you feel you are ready to venture into the world of streaming? We are sure that you will do excellent. It just take a small amount of creativity and patience.